Thursday, March 31, 2016

Hello Writing......

Hello four years later. It's been a long time since I've written anything. Somewhere down the line I lost the desire to Write, I didn't want to look at A laptop, Notebook, or Notepad. I gave up on writing, but so much has happened in these last 4 years that I am OVER LOADED with stories to write, re-live, laugh, and cry about all over again. Writing came back for me, writing still loved me, writing still wanted me, writing said come home, writing looked for me, writing had my back, writing never failed me, I failed writing the minute I stopped writing, But even though I gave up on writing.... Writing never once gave up on me. Writing waited for me. I owe writing an apology, I owe it to writing to finish what I started and continue to Write. Only This time I want to reach people, I want to touch peoples lives, I want to connect with the world. I want the world to be reintroduced to Tiana Bridtter the new Tiana Bridtter. The good, bad, and ugly Tiana Bridtter. And to writing I want to thank you for staying true, and this time I won't fail you.

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