Thursday, October 14, 2010

Switch places***

I dont want you to open my door I wanna open yours I don't want you to make the first move,allow me too. I dont want you to pull out my chair sit down first I don't want you to spend, spend, spend I got money of my own to lend...I don't want you to lead the cat and mouse game...I want you to have my last name*
This may be new to you, strange or even sound scary? But it'll make sense if i'm the one you marry. <3

(Tiana for mini poem)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Alittle love**

"Its colder than the coldest winter day, It's darker than a room with no windows or light, It's bending like rubber,It's slowly breaking like a trees branches with no life,It's cracking like a sheet of ice, It's frowning like an upside down smile,All it ever wanted was love...even if for alittle while.
what is it you ask? My heart...(tiana for mini poem

Immature lover

"It's funny, when a girl dates a guy her age or alittle younger than her, she gets mad and rants about how immature and not ready he is then go for someone older* However in reality an older man is no different, by dealing with you he's clearly still trying to be young...(My moral?) no matter the age of the man immaturity still exist in every male some more than others but it's still there..* sad but true _Tiana for thought*

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fool in love

‎"In a mere 3 weeks he made more than her heart beat, In a mere month he showed her the side of love that was too tough; to handle that is...broke her so bad she balled up like a kid, shaking him off a feeling she couldnt get rid; now she's broken, alone still without him, but him from her mind and heart.... she can't forbid a ... what do you call this? a fool in love? No, Fool for love that is*
(Tiana for mini poem)