Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Good_Bye ???

"I don't know why I keep taking so long to say this, I don't know what I'm waiting for, the longer i wait the more my heart will break and fester like a sore.....

I couldn't be cliche and start it off with an " I love you", because you know what's coming after I say that, I'm drawing a blank in my head, so with that said I'll do it this way instead.

It'd be really weak if I did this through a text message, and if I did it in person watching you cry would make me regret it, so I won't say a word maybe you'll just "get it" but I don't know whether not you'll accept it.

I'm sorry but I'd just rather be alone and no it's not you, I do love you, but your not fully understanding me ,let me just leave before I do something stupid that will definitely be the end of you and me. I really don't mean to hurt you, but give me some time and I promise when I get it right I'll come back and give this relationship a second try.

No it's not someonelse girl or guy. Just Give me a chance and I can be the girl you need;but right now that girl you need I simply can't be there's alot dorming inside of me, there's alot piling up and its keeps getting to the best of us, I don't know if I should leave, stay or go, all I know is that your what matters to me the most, and I'd never want to hurt you, at least not this way, that's why I'm walking away because I'd do more damage if I stay.

your heart will break and I don't know how long it will be broken, but awhile ago mine broke, broke and broke again, and right now I don't know how to make it whole again and super glue and tape can't fix it.
I hear you crying, I hear you loud and clear but I can't look at you, I can't see you clearly past my own tears.
one last word before you walk away, it'll only take a minute, and you'll understand it after I finish
..... it didn't make sense to keep lying and prolonging this longtime coming good-bye and I'm not saying it wasn't hard, But I gave us a fair try.
this is something I had to do, i said I wouldn't be cliche but I told you I do love you too much to hurt you and here I am proving it...
****final promise,
When I get it right, I promise when I get it right I'll come back and give this relationship a second try.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Russian Lovette*

"Maybe love isn't ready for me, maybe love is too mature for me, maybe love thinks i need to learn maturity, maybe love thinks i need to learn Love's true meaning, maybe love doesn't know i exist, maybe love got tired of me so by love i was dismissed, Maybe love couldn't find me because love couldn't remember my name, maybe love grew tired of me playing games, maybe love couldn't fight my fears, maybe love couldn't wipe all my tears, maybe for love it isn't my time, but when i find it love will be all mine" #tianaforthought