Wednesday, June 23, 2010

"Too late"

how do you cope when the one you love is leaving you for someonelse and there's nothing you can do about it? she tried to reach out to you but constantly you ignored her, and payed her no attention now she's leaving you, so what do you do? how do you stop her if it's already to late? so again how do you cope when the one you love is leaving you for someonelse and there's nothing you can do about it?

Why all of a sudden are you leaving me?
she says nothing*
Why now when I wrap my arms around you away you push me indirectly so I won't quite know what your doing??
she says nothing*
Why won't you say the necessary response when I say I love you who do you think your fooling?
she says nothing*
are you cheating? if you don't mind me assuming*
she says nothing*
It seems to me that your heart has left me, so who is he? I asked you a question!
what is this are you trying to teach me a lesson?
who is this man that your leaving me for and to him you are headed?
Look at me! answer me!*, so tell me? tell me why are you doing this to me why are you hurting me? what is it that I have not given you? My love, my heart, deep in my soul is where only you dwell, I don't want you to leave it's not time for farewell.
again she says nothing she just continues packing like there's noonelse in the room.
When I question you, you look at me like the answer I am already supposed to know, the only thing I know is that this isn't the way love is supposed to go, whatever happened to talking it out? Were in a place where our love has lost it's flame and yet you continue not to say a damn thing* what is it? talk to me? what do you want? money? clothes? where do you wanna go? Paris? Hawaii? France? Peru? out there you loved the food. ***** Yet she still says nothing, she just continues staring, Now I'm stuck trying to read her eyes to see what she's thinking* she gives me no hint, no clue, now what do I do?
do I let her be, let her walk out on me? I question myself how did I let this come to be? it's funny because in a relationship you never know where you went wrong until your actually the one in the wrong and when the other is leaving, but its clear emotionally she already left and was for along time long gone. where did the love go? someone tell me because I really don't know* was it the late hours at work, the long conference calls on vacation, or not taking my time love making, and now she's at the door I'd ask her to stop but what is she really stopping for? when she turns around what do I say? We have no children together and it's obvious the love isn't enough to make her stay, so what do I say? or do I just let her walk away? ***************************************************
So again I ask How do I cope when
The one I love is leaving me for someonelse And there's nothing I can say or do about it.......
she tried to reach out to me but I constantly ignored her and payed no attention now she's leaving me, so what do I do? how do I stop her?
You can't, it's too late,.... she already left.