Thursday, July 26, 2012

Daddy's little Girl

"Forgive me for i envy the little princess walking hand and hand with her father; her father who walks her into school when she is tardy and kisses her upon her forehead when she's sleeping, holds her close when she's had a bad dream.
Forgive me , Forgive me I say; for it is not this Little girl's fault my father caused me such dismay.
As I walk into stores I see the father's with their little girls, the look in their eyes are priceless. The little girl stares at him as if her daddy is all that matters to her, and he stares at her with promises to protect her forever and never to leave her side no matter who her mother was or what she could've done. None of that mattered to him ; only thing that mattered was the love between father and daughter which they both felt within.
I tried to be a daddy's girl but mommy wouldn't let me, away from daddy she kept me, she told me she was only trying to "Protect me".
But mommy was wrong and daddy was too, he let mommy win the battle he didn't even come back for a round 2. After round one he was done and didn't come back for me, he didn't call, didn't come visit no nothing. I didn't hear from daddy until i was 18 by then It was too late he had missed everything, my first prom, my first boyfriend, my ring dance, my honor awards ceremonies he missed it all. But for some reason when we finally re-united again none of that bothered me at all. It was almost as if i was suffering from amnesia , only I remembered when he left and didn't come back but standing in front of him listening to him apologize how could I still be mad at that? "Forgive me" he asked and forgave him I did what good would it do me holding onto pain from when I was a kid?
I do not envy those little girls anymore when I see them in stores because I got my father back, and so much more.

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